Opinion: What The Hell Is Stopping A “Clone High” Revival?

Makes total sense.

When a high school principal is tasked with cloning some of World History’s biggest names in the name of profiting by way of research science, we get Clone High.  Featuring clone spin-offs of Abe Lincoln (voiced by Will Forte), Cleopatra (Christa Miller), the always controversial Gandhi (Michael McDonald), JFK (Chris Miller), Joan of Arc (Nicole Sullivan), and others, the show balanced the act of sci-fi hijinks on par with Futurama with that of a Degrassi-level of emo-laden teen angsty sophistication that hasn’t been accurately replicated since. Despite this, the show received flak in India as Gandhi’s portrayal and subsequent abuses would inspire a hunger strike in front of the MTV India headquarters which would essentially be the beginning of the end for the series.

Even more embarrassing, Canadian network Teletoon had no problem airing the series in its entirety before American television’s MTV got around to it. The show’s creators, Phil Miller, and Chris Lord would go on to have rabid careers in both film and TV, but for the next twenty years wouldn’t leave an interview without inquiring the status of the show’s revival.  The show’s effective use of arc-filled storytelling showcased a talented writing staff that, despite network interference, resulted in a cult following that remained until decades after the show’s cancellation. Use of licensed music to help emote the love quadrangle with Joan, Abe, Cleo, and JFK was very much indicative of the future-status quo of most MTV reality-TV programming only done 10 years earlier and with way less celebrity.

Within the same year that MTV Studios has announced that they are shopping their original series to streaming networks for the purposes of potential revivals, I can’t see a reason why Clone High wouldn’t be one of them. Producers Phil Miller and Chris Lord are coming off of a Golden Globes win for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse which also teased the hell out of a Clone High sequel of some sorts and also just got a series announced for FOX. These guys are Hollywood heavy-hitters now, no reason why a Clone High series doesn’t make the rounds in upcoming pitch meetings. With adult animation exploding and all of the cast wanting to do it, why the hell not?


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