Reddit AMA Recap: Everyone still wants to bring back ‘Clone High’


Last night, Phil Lord, Chris Miller, and Will Forte re-teamed on a brand-new series on FOX that is just absolutely brilliant called Last Man on Earth. However, the trio have been working together for a number of years with one of the more notable opportunities being the short-lived animated series Clone High. The MTV classic usually comes up whenever Will or the long time writing duo of Lord and Miller do a Reddit AMA session, and this time was no different as all three had their own sessions and although a lot of the convo had to do with the aforementioned FOX series along with The Lego Movie and the equally as brilliant MacGruber. Here are highlights from everyone’s session whence talking about Clone High:

On who Abe chose in Clone High, Cleo or Joan:

Forte: And I cannot answer your Clone High question. I’m hoping that one day the series will resume and if that happens I would hate to spoil it for you. Also, I have no idea!

 As for Abe and Joan, I hope one day we’ll get another crack at Clone High so we can answer these unresolved questions. I loved that show and thought it ended too soon!

Chris Miller had this to say on if the franchise will ever return:

We’re working on it! It’s complicated from a legal standpoint. But we talk to Bill Lawrence about it every few months. You’ve made it this far!

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