Nitz Returns in the First “UnderGRADS: The Movie” Update

It is happening!

In September 2018 a generation of nerds were swooned by a new Kickstarter campaign with the goal of making an all-new UnderGRADS feature-length film.  The 2001 American-Canadian animated sitcom was a sensation that unfortunately only lasted one season.  Since, fans have been begging for new content from the show featuring four college freshmen navigating the trials of post-secondary education.  So, it only took a couple of months for the Kickstarter campaign to surpass its goal.

With a pre-production budget all lined up, a little show that had been off the air for 17 years was suddenly getting ready to make a movie.  Though, since the November announcement that the Kickstarter goal was reached we haven’t heard much else.

That is until this weekend.

On Sunday, February 10 2019, a new update appeared on the Kickstarter webpage, as well as all of the corresponding social media accounts.

The video features the series’ main character, Nitz, who was strangely absent from much of the Kickstarter promotions.  The short clip does not offer much information on when we can expect a release of the film.  Though, those that have been following and pledged are given updates on when they can expect their exclusive swag.

Check out Nitz’s triumphant return below.  He sure looks good with all of the updated animation; hopefully, it is a sneak peek at what the films animation style will look like.

Jesse Bereta

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