MTV To Spin-Off “Daria” With “Jodie”

Yes, please.

Evidently, there’s going to be a bunch of spin-offs for Daria and this adult animated comedy will be the first one. It’s called Jodie and it will be produced by and star the brilliant Tracee Ellis Ross who is no stranger to spin-offs due to the fact that the show she works on now, Black-ish, has been spun-off a bunch of times. The series will see the titular character Jodie in a new workplace comedy type setting post-college however it’s expected that students from Lawndale High will also make some sort of appearance.

Says Deadline,

What Daria did for exploring the inanity of high school, Jodie will do for exploring the trials and tribulations of a first job. Jodie will satirize workplace culture, Gen Z struggles, the artifice of social media and more. With themes of empowerment across gender and racial lines, explorations of privilege, and a wicked sense of humor, Jodie marks the first adult animated sitcom to center around an African American female lead in nearly two decades.

Our Take

The series referenced was BET’s Hey Monie, and yes we need more examples than that to happen sooner rather than later. In any event, slowly but surely representation is starting to take hold. TIffany Haddish just crushed it on Tuca and Bertie and with The Boondocks coming back it appears the future for black-fronted characters is bright. Jodie sounds like an exciting series that hopefully will find a home ASAP.

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