Merch Murmurs: Stan Lee, Matt Groening, Adam West in New ‘Simpsons’ Figure Collection

Simpsons Wave 5

The legends behind some of pop culture’s biggest comics are getting the Simpsons figure treatment. The new collection, the fifth thus far in the “25 of the Greatest Guest Stars” line, includes writer Stan Lee and actor Adam West, as well as the Simpsons mastermind himself, Matt Groening.

The latest release by NECA also features musicians Lenny Kravitz and Tom Petty. Check some of the past characters here and here.

Lee, now 92, has two episodes under his belt: 2014’s “Married to the Blob” and 2002’s “I Am Furious (Yellow).” West has also appeared twice, in 2002’s “Large Marge” and 1992’s “Mr. Plow” – well before Family Guy ever got their hands on him. Kravitz and Petty both had cameos in 2002’s “How I Spent My Strummer Vacation.”

The figures can be purchased from select retailers.

[via Comic Book Resources]

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