Merch Murmurs: ‘The Simpsons’ Release Even More Guest Star Figures

simpsons figures 1

As we previously reported last week, The Simpsons are releasing a figurine collection based on the shows plethora of guest stars. The celebrity list now includes all of the following persons:

 Hugh Hefner

James Brown

Yao Ming

Tom Hanks

Kid Rock

The Who

Britney Spears

Mark Hamill

Lucy Lawless

Tony Hawk

Penn and Teller

Bret Hart

Stephen King

Leonard Nemoy


I’m not sure who exactly would want a toy version of Tom Hanks or Mark Hamill (sans Luke Skywalker getup), but for the die-hard Simpsons fan that needs everything, this about covers it. Also, the collection is listed as a bunch of 5” figures, but the Yao Ming one has got to be bigger than the others, right?

NECA plans to release all three waves of figures next month.

simpsons figures 2simpsons figures 3

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