This week on Its Webs Day, its all Planets for Shut Up Cartoons,  Tim Bierbaum gives us Real Artists, and Chris Butcher deploys his troops in a new stop motion animated short.

Planets “Earth is Lost”

Planets is a new animated series from Shut Up Cartoons that acts as a ‘reality’ series starring a bunch of characters all with varying personalities. Notable ones that pop out include  Baby Earth who reminds me of the Marshmallow character from The Annoying Orange series and Uranus who definitely acts like an anus to his fellow planets. The concept of the show is a lot of fun and the jokes are funny, but some of the voices sound somewhat under-produced almost like they were recorded in a tin can. In this episode The Black Hole is trying to kidnap Earth of whom wanders away while the others are doing their deeds with the Monopoly devil. Of notable interest is when the characters actually put their bickering aside to aid the young planet while scaring off his potential captor. Planets definitely needs its bolts tightened, but this intergalactic comedy series does the job.

(8.0 out of 10)

Real Artists: Summer

Imagine if everyone on Seinfeld really didn’t give a shit about other people’s problems and instead just cared about themselves?? Created by Tim Bierbaum, Real Artists follows a bunch of animated characters living a normal NYC probably Greenwich Village/Brooklyn life where problems range from breakups, not enough coffee, and other hippie/emo influenced issues that I do not know nearly enough about. That said the animation is downright stellar and the script is very well-written and fun, but yes sometimes comes off as a bit moody. Everything is done rather well and definitely deserving of merit but due to the subject matter I’m shocked that some sort of terrible music like Muse or Kings of Leon wasn’t played over it.

(9.0 out of 10)

Toy Soldier Stop-Mo by Chris Butcher

Kind of a darker take on Toy Story, this stop-motion featurette starring small soldiers(see what I did there??) looks like it was on a budget but not in a bad way as certain scenes looked scripted and edited with more of a clever take on things. That said the dialogue is a heck of a lot funnier than stuff that costs twice as much to make. Here’s hoping we see more of this one because its really well done and deserves your attention…SIR!

(9.0 out of 10)

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