“Hot Streets” Canceled After Two Seasons By Adult Swim

Back on the streets.

Show creator Brian Wysol has confirmed that Hot Streets has been canceled after two seasons on Adult Swim. Season Two wrapped earlier this year for the network to which we said in our season review, “all in all, its lack of visual appeal mixed in with the fact that it lacks a lot of comedic charm that it could potentially have, makes Hot Streets not worth the recommendation or time. There are entertaining elements here, but the heat needs to be turned up on various aspects of the show to make it great.”

Hot Streets is an American adult animated television series that was created by Brian Wysol. The series surrounds the supernatural investigations of FBI agent Mark Branski, who works with his partner Donald French, Branski’s niece Jen, and her cowardly talking dog, Chubbie Webbers. It is produced by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, Williams Street, and Justin Roiland’s Solo Vanity Card Productions!.

This season on Hot Streets, Agents Branski and French investigate “Hot Streets” cases, the FBI’s most dangerous and strange paranormal missions. They are aided by Branski’s niece, Jen Sanders, and her cowardly dog, Chubbie Webbers. It’s an absurd and electrifying mix of high-concept science-fiction and horror.

Here’s Brian’s statement:

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