HBO Launches Animated “Backstories” For “Game of Thrones”, “Insecure”, and “Barry”

Finally, because I had no idea what Game of Thrones was until this.

HBO has launched a new Youtube series called HBO Backstories that helps their viewers get introduced to other series in quick animated shorts for franchises like Game of Thrones, Barry, and Insecure. While there’s tons of Game of Thrones animated shit out there, it’s great to get that same respect to Insecure and Barry which are both fairly newer and nowhere as popular as the network’s behemoth franchise featuring dungeons & dragons. For my money, Bill Hader should have six or seven animated series all starring him anyway, so maybe this is close enough? Ditto for Issa Rae.

Future requests? How about animated back stories on some classic HBO content like The Sopranos?







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