There Is So Much “Game of Thrones’ Inspired Animation It’s Hard To Keep Up

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is premiering next Sunday Night on HBO and cartoon producers are going bananas with parodies, animated retellings, and even ideas for spin-offs to get people excited for what will be the show’s final season. With only six episodes on the way, the send-off will be short, but hopefully worthwhile for fans who have had to wait nearly two years to get any new episodes. Before the season premiere hits next week, here’s some Game of Thrones-inspired animation to get you going. There’s SO MUCH out there, so we just decided to highlight some of the newer bits, but if you have any favorites comment below for shout outs.


First up, Dominic Polcino is getting ready to wrap Game of Thrones Animated on his Animation Vault channel tomorrow with two new episodes set to drop on April 8th. The series is an animated parody of the HBO series that has silly premises like getting popular takes from the peasants and a musical finale. The series has six episodes that you can see here. 

Animation fans and industry insiders recognize Polcino as the Emmy-nominated driving force on three of the most popular prime-time animated shows of all time: The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Family Guy. His talents have also been frequently showcased crafting multiple episodes of Rick and Morty, HarmonQuest and Animals.


The Ringer has teamed up with Lowbrow studios to help curious viewers who haven’t caught up with the seven seasons of Game of Thrones with Cliff’s Notes meets animation that helps fans prep by giving rundowns of the show up until this point with information about the show’s various families, feuds, and big moments that have been a part of the show’s run up until this point. The series is called Path to the Throne and you can follow the playlist for the series below:




Saturday Night Live is getting in on the fun as well, with a Daria-inspired send-up of what could be a potential Game of Thrones spin-off. It’s a very quick short that definitely begs the question, “why don’t we have an official Game of Thrones animated series?”. Check out other ideas for Game of Thrones spin-offs below:



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