FX Networks Releases 2018 Programming Sneak Of Upcoming Series Like “Archer”

And no, Deadpool ain’t in it.

Archer Danger Island aka the second to the last and ninth season of Archer is currently in production and slated to premiere sometime later this year. To prove it, FX Networks has released a sizzle reel promo that showcases scenes from the upcoming series.  At Comic-Con it was revealed that Sterling Archer will, in fact, be part of another alternate setting that sees him as a pilot at the start of WW2 that crash lands on an island and meets deviations of the Archer principal cast. The ninth season will have eight episodes and will be on both FXX and FX+.

For those wondering why the Deadpool animated series, announced last year, isn’t included in the promo is because the show literally JUST started production last week so that will most likely be for a 2019 premiere. In the meantime, below is the sizzle reel for FX Networks’ upcoming programming entitled “Fearless”.



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