FXX Just Saved The World By Ordering “Deadpool” Animated Series

This is important.

One of the things you may have noticed about the announced pickup of an animated series adaptation Deadpool to FXX is the fact that the series is being produced by FX Productions and ABC Signature Studios. The show is also being produced for 10 episodes with Donald Glover (Atlanta) as the creator/star of the series and his brother Stephen as the showrunner both of whom are expected to work on the show while in Atlanta/London.

Here’s why we should get on the ground and kiss both Donald Glover’s and John Landgraf’s feet the latter of who definitely hit the ball out of the park in selecting an eventual series to both follow and carry the mantle for Archer after the latter finishes up its run for good by the end of the show’s tenth season.

This thing was probably SO close to being an animated series on Disney XD, I guarantee it. Pretend legal die-hards are gonna say, “But FOX has the rights to X-Men (i.e. Deadpool)”, to which I say, yes, live-action rights all-day go to FOX…but animation and licensing is alllllll Disney. Just like the studios have been doing with the Hulk (a Universal-owned property for live-action and Hulk only films) and Spider-Man (a Sony-owned property that is now getting Marvel Studios help for a third reboot), Disney would’ve had every right to dumb down Deadpool in a post-Ryan Reynolds world, and turn it into a shitty animated series.

Don’t think that Deadpool would’ve sucked? I give you Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, or Hulk: Agents of Smash, or Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors…all stupid dumbed-down animated franchises with the sole purpose of selling toys. The crown of shit definitely goes to the animated adaptation of Guardians of the Galaxy, which does nothing but gives us a shit-storm of Guardians film/comics premises that should just be put to bed.

Another reason why I like the FXX move as opposed to say an HBO or Netflix where the rules are anything goes, it keeps the crass dialogue of the Deadpool franchise in check. One of the few gripes I had with the Ryan Reynolds-starring effort is that we had one-too-many masturbation jokes, and maybe a few too many “fucks” to give. Personally, I like my crass language like I like my steaks, lightly salt and peppered.

In any event, 2018 can’t get here soon enough, because an adult-animated action/comedy helps fill the void left by Adult Swim for television in an era post-The Boondocks and Black Dynamite, even with all that Toonami has to offer.

John Schwarz

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