You are hearing it here first, folks. After the jump we have the exclusive statement coming from the network concerning the future of Ugly Americans.


According to a spokesperson coming from Comedy Central, and almost a year to the day of when the second season would reconvene with seven more episodes, Ugly Americans is now canceled. The statement reads:

While we had a great run with “Ugly Americans,” Comedy Central is not moving forward with production on a new season of the series.  

We here at the Blabber mansion LOVED Ugly Americans and we even had the chance to interview creator of the series Devin Clark of whom we even surmised the possibility of launching a Kickstarter to get a film made. On the Comedy Central side of things, they have a SLEW of new shows coming this fall including TripTank, Gajillionaires, and the returns of Brickleberry, and South ParkOh yea, and could Beavis and Butthead return??

Keep it locked here as we are going to do MASSIVE previews for the Comedy Central shows so yea…come back.


The producers of Ugly Americans have put out a statement in regards to the future of the show. You can read that here. Creator Devin Clark also put out a statement and you can see that here.

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