English Dub Review: Vinland Saga: “Snake”


Overview: Thorfinn (Mike Haimoto) and Einar (Ian Sinclair) run into some trouble in the form of vicious guards working for Ketil. (Doug Jackson) 

Our Take: Einar and Arnheid’s meet cute is a charming palette cleanser in his horrific journey to Ketil’s farm. Arnheid is inherently loving, capturing your heart with ease and with Einar adorkable as he is, they have impeccable chemistry.

Their interaction nicely balances Thorfinn as he reels from the atrocities he witnessed as a kid, shortly after joining Askeladd. With no memory of the nightmare, his sheer pain that remains is more scarring. 

Olmar’s naivete about violence was never a question. However, the true depths of his painful ignorance come into full view with Fox and Badger’s peer pressure. His attempt at their barbaric killing, in the hopes to prove his manhood, is downright pathetic and gutless. As has been established, slaves are expandable to Ketil’s guards, so enter Thorfinn and Einar. 

Death makes for a powerful display for both men. For Einar, it’s in how admirable he is in willing to sacrifice himself for Thorfinn to flee. For Thorfinn, it’s in how unflinchingly unafraid he is of Fox’s threats and body cuts, continuing to communicate his utter sense of hopelessness. If part of a man’s ear getting lopped off isn’t enough to faze him, his despair must be genuine. 

Snake, the bodyguards’ boss, marks his debut, stopping his men. His presence alone instills fear within his subordinates, demonstrating how powerful of a position he holds. He gives Fox a brutal lesson for his abuse towards Thorfinn. With that in mind, how he handles the situation will be engrossing in how he is seemingly more decent than any of his lackeys. 

The season has had a steady cadence of personal character moments, with this episode being no exception. It makes each episode impactful with meaningful progression for both Einar and Thorfinn.