English Dub Review: To Your Eternity “Our Goals”

Overview (Spoilers Below): 

Fushi embarks on his journey through the land looking for stimulation. He later encounters the old lady from the prison, Pioran before continuing his journey. Pioran follows him thinking that they should stick together. After a fight of starvation leads them to eat fruit from a tree. Pioran finds a map and makes a copy which leads Fushi to become interested in writing. Pioran teaches Fushi words and he’s able to hold a small conversation. On the boat, Fushi admits that March helped him grow up and how he met the boy to the old lady.

They head to the home of Pioran’s lover, and at night Fushi is attacked by a monster. Time stops as the orb’s creator/the narrator shows up and explains to Fushi that the thing that attacked him stole the piece of the boy from him and to get it back he needs to get to the core within the thing. The two creatures fight with Fushi ending up as the winner. They arrive at the house of Pioran’s lover and she announces Fushi’s status as an immortal to the masked person sweeping the floor.


Our Take:

This episode kicks things off with Fushi’s journey with a familiar face. The episode adds a bit of intrigue to the orb’s purpose on earth and the addition of supernatural creatures. The episode was good with its moments between Pioran and Fushi and the action between the two nonhumans. However, the lack of info on the two nations is disheartening with only the mention of how Yanome fights fiercely.

The first half of the episode is good because we get to see Fushi learn about words from Pioran and actually start conversing with the old lady.  His interactions with Pioran were good and the montage of them traveling helps emphasize their bond. Admittedly I thought March would teach him, but the elder is a good choice. It was amusing to see Pioran trying to bite off Fushi’s leg when stereotypically it’s the other way around. Fushi’s voice actor, Jacob Hopkins does a good job with Fushi’s dialogue and how it still sounds stiff like he’s still getting used to talking. Furthermore, we see how he’s able to change forms to suit his needs like transforming into March to get the fruit from the tree.

Then there’s the second half with the wooden monster that steals parts of Fushi. It was a good fight between the two nonhumans. The battle had a good amount of tension with the other creature taking more of Fushi’s forms. However, the highlight was the narrator/god showing up by stopping time and giving Fushi advice on how to deal with the other creature. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Fushi to converse with its creator after the fight. It does shed light on its purpose to record the world and that there are other beings who wish for them to fail. That sets up the expectation for more supernatural encounters and battles in future episodes.

Overall it was a great episode with both parts of the episode being integral parts to Fushi’s journey.

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