English Dub Review: My Hero Academia “Everyone’s Internships

My Hero Academia ranks as one of the top anime series I’ve seen. With a strong season one, its sophomore entry remains stronger than its predecessor.

After an enjoyable UA sports fest story arc, the League of Villains resurged as a massive threat. Izuku Midoriya, aka Deku (Justin Briner), Todoroki (David Matranga), and Tenya Iida (John Michael Tatum) defeated Hero Killer Stain in an epic and tense plot line which radically altered the tone of the series. Even the opening credits changed to reflect a more mature aesthetic.

“The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain” presented a post mortem on the battle for Hosu. Unfortunately, while even the calmer “Aftermath” offers an engaging look at the My Hero universe, “Everyone’s Internships” is about as creative as its title. The episode, as you can probably surmise, is completely filler. Midoriya opens in the hospital where he’s still dealing with his injuries. There’s a montage of several UA students in their respective internships before the episode focuses on Froppy. She’s stationed on a naval rescue boat captained by a hero with a quirk that makes him a spotted seal. He’s quite literally a navy seal. Well played, My Hero.

The episode follows what appears to be a one-off showing Froppy’s internship. While there is a villain which appears to be a squid, this My Hero Academia entry seems fairly standalone. Despite the fact that this episode is complete filler, it’s nonetheless action-packed. I enjoy becoming better acquainted with a lesser-known character in Froppy, and voice acting is top notch. Notably, Selkie the seal is phenomenal

There’s little importance to the overall story arc of My Hero Academia season two. While normally I’m not a fan of filler episodes, I rather appreciated “Everyone’s Internships.” This grows the cast a bit because whereas Froppy played a small role in earlier series entries, she’s never been at the forefront of the action. This is an opportunity to learn more about her character, glean insight into an internship other than Deku’s, and witness the transformation from student to budding hero. It’s simply fun, and a refreshing departure from the intense fight against Stain and the League of Villains.

Ultimately, it’s not a perfect episode. “Everyone’s Internships” feels a bit lost at times, particularly during its transition from the internship montage to settling on Froppy’s story. It’s initially awkwardly unclear if she’s the focus of the episode or this is simply a longer look at her situation before continuing the internship overview. Additionally, I guess, presumably incorrectly, that the villain Froppy fights might be connected to the League of Villains. But that’s likely a false assumption. It’s not as crucial as past episodes in the series, and decidedly less thrilling, but nevertheless “Everyone’s Internships” is a fun, exciting My Hero Academia episode.


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