English Dub Review: HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI “Recap Episode”

Another recap? really??

Overview (Possible Spoilers Below)

So much like episode 13, This is another recap episode, but for some reason, Funimation once again felt the need to Dub this one.

Our Take

Compared to Episode 13’s recap which to put it lightly, was an incoherent mess on what not to do, as it showed events that most likely haven’t happened yet such as character death reveals, and major plot-twists I’m sure were intended for later episodes which miss the point on what a Recap is supposed to do.

This one, however, seems like a slight improvement as it only covers the events of episodes 7-14 to help people get up to speed on what’s exactly going on. From Youzen coming through for the side of Kon-Ron Mountain, to his poisoning by Ohtenkun, to his mentor being killed while saving his ass, and Taiko splitting teams up in an effort to cure his poison, It seems to be the most focused on Youzen and less on the protagonist Taiko and his ongoing battle against Dakki and Bunchuu.

I have no idea why the creators themselves even had to bother, or why Funimation Dubbed this one. At least Katana Maidens knew to stop with one recap before moving forward with the story.

As a recap episode, this one should’ve been enough, and 13 shouldn’t even exist…


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