English Dub Review: Classroom of the Elite “Nothing is as Dangerous as an Ignorant Friend; A Wise Enemy is to be Preferred”

Speaking of ignorance…

Overview (Spoilers Below)

Classroom of the Elite resumes with a neat episode featuring a different dynamic. It’s summer vacation. But Suzune spends most of her time inside her dorm room. However, Ayanokoju continues calling Suzune and inviting her to the pool to go swimming. Eventually, Suzune agrees although it’s more out of Stockholm Syndrome than genuine enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, the evening before Suzune decides to go swimming, a bunch of class D boys including Ayanokoji, Yamauchi, and Sudo chat about spying on the girls in their changing room. While at the pool, Sotomura notices the boys prepping for their creepy snooping.

The plot is fairly elaborate, and almost doesn’t even make sense. How these kids can afford such expensive gadgets, I’m not sure. I do appreciate the ending which presents a pretty solid twist.

Our Take:

“Nothing is as Dangerous as an Ignorant Friend; A Wise Enemy is to be Preferred” delivers a slightly different format that’s enjoyable. I like the intrigue aspect of setting up the cameras, though not the idea itself. But the Mission Impossible style infiltration is kind of funny, particularly coupled with the childish objective.

Unfortunately, the fan service is dreadfully overbearing in this episode. There’s a ton of it, and it’s plain sleazy. I’d prefer Classroom of the Elite focus on the narrative, and cut out the unnecessary fan service.

Seeing the class D boys constantly panicking attempting to distract the girls is rather entertaining. This infuses some great humor into the episode. Similarly, the complexities are well done. For most of “Nothing is as Dangerous as an Ignorant Friend; A Wise Enemy is to be Preferred” I was mildly confused as to Ayanokoji’s role in the nefarious plot.

There’s a rather telling conversation when Ayanokoji and Suzune chat and Ayanokoji comments that there’s no point competing in a competition unless you aim to win. This concept comes full circle at the end of the show.

The music is generally solid. In fact, the soundtrack may be my favorite element of the series. The animation is pleasing with bright colors which really pop off the screen. Notably, I’m in love with the eyes and how they’re rendered. Hair is often colored in funky shades.

Despite its rampant fan service, “Nothing is as Dangerous as an Ignorant Friend; A Wise Enemy is to be Preferred” might rank as my favorite Classroom of the Elite episode thus far. It’s technically well-made with fantastic animation and score, plus a twist I didn’t predict which swoops in at the end and ties up a few loose ends.

Additionally, it may feature the most character development in any episode thus far. Sure, it’s ridden with tropes and a bit melodramatic. Overall, however, it’s one of the better episodes in the series.


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