Comic Review: RWBY/Justice League #12



Team RWBY vs. Team JNPR round 2! Can the girls defeat their friends and break them out of their trance, or will they fall under the spell of the beast below?

Our Take

With writer Marguerite Bennette and Penciled by returning artist Emanuela Lupacchino. We finally dive into the battle of Team RWBY and Justice League’s team-up against the Starro. This time with the Starro sort of having the upper hand in terms of advantages, but thankfully not all is lost as predictably, Batman always has a “fail-safe” for nearly every scenario.

Much of the plot relies heavily on the heroes being put into a massive disadvantage just for Batman’s backup plan to even happen in the first place, but on the plus side, it does have some mildly comedic moments such as Batman insulting a rich asshole who previously dissed in him a past issue for being a Bat-Faunus.

Overall, a decent issue even if it didn’t completely progress things. Despite how short reading it felt, I’m left wondering what the ending will be when it’s all over. At the very least, the art and colors pop out and every character remains uniquely distinctive. Hopefully, the next issue will answer this question soon.