Adult Swim Rumors: 12 oz Mouse & Ballmastrz 9009 Get Ordered To Additional Seasons

One is confirmed, the other is being confirmed as we speak.



Hot off the premiere of the brand-new 12 oz Mouse 22-minute special known as “Invictus” that was excellent, show producer Brad Lee Zimmerman has posted a lengthy blog on Facebook whereby noting that Adult Swim has ordered 10 additional episodes of the Matt Maiellaro created series for premiere in 2020.

Part of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block, “12 oz. Mouse” follows the animated adventures of Mouse Fitzgerald, an unapologetic drunken mouse with a background in espionage and a complete lack of memory. Fitz, as he is called, performs odd jobs, often with the help of his sidekick, a chinchilla named Skillet, as he tries to regain his memory.

Courtesy: Adult Swim
I’m also hearing reports that Ballmastrz 9009 has been ordered for a second 10-episode season and is being worked on at Titmouse as we speak, however, this is a strong rumor at this juncture and should be treated as such.
In Ballmastrz 9009, Gaz Digby is a notorious party girl who is a disgraced superstar of The Game, which is a brutal blood sport — credited with ending all war– with hyper-creative and artificially intelligent combat weapons that are used to score, attack and defend. In the year 9009, Gaz finds herself demoted to the worst team in the league, The Leptons. She must use her band of misfits to fight her way to the top and win. Googly-eyed amoebas heal the Leptons, and Gaz’s redemption seems very far off. The art of “Ballmastrz 9009” is hand-drawn animation in a style similar to anime meshed with French surrealist cartoons. The art is sure to be a treat for everyone.
The series was created by Christy Karacas and produced by Titmouse and you can read our review of the show’s first season here. 

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