English Dub Review: TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy “Fight On, Hero!”


Makoto is shaken by the revelation that the hero he meets on the battlefield is his high school senior, Hibiki Otonashi. Unable to dwell on it, Makoto enters a battle with Io to whom he suggests the demons retreat, to avoid a pointless battle.

Our Take

This time around, Makoto is shocked to find that the hero he meets on the battlefield is his high school senior, Hibiki Otonashi. Before he can fully process this surprise, he engages in a fight with Io. Initially, Makoto tries to avoid conflict by suggesting Io retreat, but when Io refuses, Makoto attacks relentlessly. Cornered, Io resorts to using the forbidden Blue Stone Rose, gaining immense power at the cost of his soul.

The episode showcases how powerful certain objects can be, highlighting the lengths some characters will go to win a fight. Makoto and Hibiki’s reunion is cut short, leaving much to be desired in their interaction. Hibiki impresses with her abilities, but The battles themselves feel drawn-out and lackluster, and the introduction of Makoto’s superhero suit feels out of place in this magic fantasy isekai. Despite these issues, the episode manages to demonstrate Hibiki’s capabilities, leaving me with mixed feelings about the direction of the series.

Overall, while the season is picking up momentum, there’s little left to be excited about. Makoto’s use of a superhero suit and Hibiki’s sudden power-up come off as contrived. The pacing issues and disappointing animation undermine the potential of what should be climactic battles. With 3 episodes left the season nears its end and I’m left hoping for a compelling conclusion that makes things exciting.