English Dub Review: The Most Heretical Last Boss Queen “The Merciless Princess and the Order”



Val won’t leave anyone behind, even at the cost of his life. This time, Pride’s precognition cannot help her; this crisis has never happened before.

Our Take:

These are the times when a series like this gets interesting. I love overpowered heroes as much as the next guy but some vulnerability is good too. Pride’s “precognition” can’t help here because nothing like this ever happened in the game. She has to make decisions on the fly and try to make the best of it. That’s a time when a character can have a lot of growth and I think Pride came through here.

This episode also did some things I hate as well. Why introduce new villains that we aren’t going to get learn about? There is one episode left after this and I know their following the source material but changes are made all the time and that’s one I wish more studios would do. I’m sure they hoped that a second season would get approved and it still could but it’s been a year. I could also be whining about nothing and they were just there to make the escape a little more harrowing and won’t be mentioned again.