Review: Krapopolis “Dungeons and Deliria”


Deliria tags along with Stupendous’s adventuring party, Hippocampus teams up with Daphne when escaping from a monster, and Tyrannis and Shlub defend a nameless citizen who has a controversial invention: pants.


Last episode before the Thanksgiving break and it’s once again pretty good! I’m still not quite vibing with the show like I’d like to be, but I think it’s continuing to make steady progress in getting there. This week actually juggles three separate plots that are all fine on their own, but I feel like any two of them could’ve been strengthened by cutting one out. I like the plot about Hippocampus and Daphne, with the latter still having her same motivations from her first appearance regarding wanting to protect nature from the oncoming and growing civilization, which she bounces off of Hippocampus (holy shit am I going to have to type that whole name out every single time?!) and his love of science and understanding things, which makes for an interesting dynamic. I like the plot with Stupendous and Deliria going on what is basically a LARP that just happens to be in an actual fantasy world, as it puts focus on the dysfunction between these two characters. And I kinda like the plot with Tyrannis and Shlub defending a guy who’s being hassled for wearing pants and how it kinda speaks to how controversies start over some minor thing and the positions people end up taking very quickly.

I guess if I had to pick any of them to cut, it would probably be the pants one, just because it feels like it’s the weakest. It has a link to the Hippocampus plot in that it’s what Tyrannis is avoiding in order to do this, but it also feels a bit disconnected from everything else otherwise. Then again, the Stupendous plot also feels a bit disconnected because it’s a pretty separate incident from the other two, but I like it more because I don’t think we’ve gotten this sort of pair up with these characters yet. I kinda wonder who we HAVEN’T seen paired up yet. And then the Hippocampus plot could also be removed just because it could so easily be explained away off screen, but it’s kinda the one I’d want to cut the least because I’m glad that Daphne is now going to be a recurring character. Now I need to see her team up with Stupendous on something, which I’m sure will be on its way in a future episode. Also, notice the brief mention of “curated on the blockchain”? Well, I guess they didn’t cut out the NFT stuff fast enough because those are probably going to pop up in future episodes too. Turns out they did actually release a bunch of NFTs for the show last year, a bunch of weird chickens, which you can go ahead and buy on Opensea if you want a fancier way of burning money in a dumpster. Happy Thanksgiving!