English Dub Review: Ranking of Kings: “Bojji the King | The Melancholy of King Daida”


“Bojji the King”

Bojji, Bebin, and Hokuro conduct a royal inspection of the town, during which Bojji insists on helping some children find their lost bird.

“The Melancholy of King Daida”

After Daida becomes king again, he tries his hardest to live up to Bojji’s example in leading the kingdom.

Our Take

In the first story, Bojji resumes his rightful duties as king. With Kage gone, Bebin pays a visit along with Hokuro to the town, and Bojji wanders free and easy like the norm, helping out the less fortunate kids and being the shape of the Emperor’s New Clothes style, just with children this time. Helping a girl find her lost pet bird, and there is no guarantee that it could be found. Seeing that no one could whistle, Bebin offers a hand, which somehow Kage manages to find it wandering around, which eventually leads back to its owner.

As for the other one, Bojji’s position switched to Daida with Miranjo after the controversy, and the Ranking judge’s arrival hastens his and the Big Four’s meeting to train Daida in the quickest time possible. But the construction of the old barracks being held back after demolition, clearly there’s something needed to be done. And if the barracks are not needed, what can be built in its place? Encountering a blind man thanking him in sign language, and Daida giving it a thought is a nice one, though the demolition proves to be a nutcracking case of accidents. As for Miranjo’s whereabouts, they were led to a small hidden cottage teaching children how to read books and the like. And this manages to give Daida one hell of an idea…

Overall, we finally have some story that takes place after the anime and managed to be a pretty damn wholesome episode. These two were been much better, and it’s probably because they didn’t feel like filler, but more related to the context of the main series, which does make it more enjoyable. Daida becoming kinder with some ideas that will help improve their society in some way. Boji needs to learn that there are limits to kindness, not everyone will understand good gestures and you can’t always save everyone. that said, I think everyone grew a little this time around.