English Dub Review: Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! “Uzaki-chan Wants to Celebrate!”

Overview (Spoilers Below):
Hana feels neglected by Shinichi when he spends so much time training. Then, Tsuki leaves Shinichi alone with Hana for his cooking lesson, hoping their relationship develops. Finally, Hana spends time with Shinichi for his 21st birthday and has a shocking realization about his future.

Our Take:
With the whole Uzaki family together, the rest of the season can only get more absurd from here. Last week’s episode introduced the last member of the family, Fujio, who’s the loving and overprotective father of Hana and her two siblings. He’s also Shinichi’s trainer, who doesn’t realize that his trainee is Hana’s “special” friend. His lack of awareness continues to loom over his head as he shares his worries with Shinichi and the other regulars at the gym. Additionally, with Shinichi spending his days at the gym, Hana is slowly losing the opportunity to express her true feelings about him. The situation worsens when she realizes that Shinichi will be graduating next year.
The previous episode successfully introduced the entire Uzaki clan and took advantage of their personalities through its comedy. The primary example of the humor is their unawareness of Hana’s relationship with Shinichi. “Uzaki-chan Wants to Celebrate” keeps the fun going with another series of hysterical misfortunes centering on the dysfunctional family.
One of the main highlights of the episode was obviously Hana’s parents, who continue to have more wacky moments compared to her siblings. Maybe they’ll get their chance to shine in the spotlight sooner or later. In its first segment, Fujio discusses Hana’s boyfriend, while the arrows point to Shinichi, matching his descriptions. What makes this scene hilarious is the show’s awareness and Fujio’s lack of the term. Also, there’s a dumbbell with the shocked cat’s face on it. How famous is that feline?
Another scene that made me laugh my head off was Tsuki’s misinterpretation of Shinichi’s actions. Shinichi told her that Hana lets him hold her “puss-puss”, resulting in Tsuki believing they had sex. However, he means that he was holding one of Hana’s cats. But that doesn’t stop the frightened mother from believing that Shinichi wants her “puss-puss”. It means “pussy” in case you are wondering. Based on how I reacted to the word, I feel that “puss-puss” would become the new way to describe a woman’s private parts.
With six episodes already in the books, I can say that I’m still having a lot of fun with the show’s second season. Maybe more so than its first season. It took the elements that worked in the previous season and made it twice as crazy as before. However, it also maintains the charm that suitably coincides with its zany rom-com tropes. It all comes down to the remaining episodes to see if my opinion stands.