English Dub Review: Call of the Night “3rd Night: A Lot Came Out”



When can you start calling someone a friend? What even IS friendship, anyway? As Ko reconnects with a classmate, questions arise he isn’t sure he knows how to answer.

Our Take:

Ko might have bigger things to worry about than the whole falling in love with a vampire thing. He doesn’t even know when a relationship qualifies as friendship. I know a lot of anime protagonists are dense, and clueless idiots but this might take the cake. I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows when someone is their friend or not but hey what can you do? I thought Akira was going to become a love rival to Nazuna but it seems I was wrong, so far at least.

Nazuna and Ko got into a fight and from what I could tell it was because she thought he might be going back to school. But Ko wanted to make up with her and unlike most anime characters he actually said the right things. Amazing how things can go when you actually talk things out! This also might be the quickest time a couple has kissed in a romcom I’ve watched since maybe Horimiya. I hope this one keeps up with what it’s doing.