Netflix’s Devil May Cry Animated Series Gets Updates From Adi Shankar

In 2018 Netflix’s Castlevania Series producer Adi Shankar announced a new Devil May Cry Animated Series by Netflix to commemorate Devil May Cry 5’s announcement in E3 2018. After 3 years of staying silent, he recently confirmed two big updates about the project on his Instagram.

1. That Dante’s twin brother and Arch nemesis Vergil will make the cut in it,

and 2. The script is reportedly finished.

Our take

While it’s unspecified what timeline this storyline will take place within the game’s lore or if this is something wholly original. It’s good to know that Netflix hasn’t ignored this project to some capacity and hopefully, we can see the project get off the ground. It’s quite understandable that animation can be a very time-consuming process.  The fact that Vergil is going to be in it, is a big deal to the fanbase since he wasn’t in the Madhouse Anime series at all. And we can only hope we get more updates down the line and an actual release date in the future.