“Castlevania” Producer Teases “Devil May Cry” Animated Series

Will it happen?

Adi Shankar has posted a pic of himself on Twitter wearing Dante’s jacket from Devil May Cry. While it’s all possible that this is how Adi dresses on a normal basis, apparently it’s a sign that a Devil May Cry animated series is in development and will reportedly take place in the same universe as Shankar’s other produced animated series inspired by a video game, Castlevania, which recently posted up its second decent season.

Our Take

Adi teases a lot of shit. Most recently he caused an uproar when he noted that Apu wasn’t coming back to The Simpsons which turned out to not be true and we’re still waiting for that animated adaptation of Assassin’s Creed that has yet to see the light of day. If a Devil May Cry animated series DOES happen with Adi Shankar, it may take a while.

John Schwarz

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