Comedian Luis J. Gomez Teamed Up With Jamey Jasta From Hatebreed And Sven Stoffels For An Amazing Animated Intro

It’s like what I’d imagine an animated Addams Family should look like.


Comedian Luis J. Gomez has a new comedy album out now called Luis J. Gomez Presents Luis J. Gomez which is funny because having your own comedy album presented by yourself is like masturbating in front of a back-lit mirror. In any event, the comedian was wise enough to team up with animation producer Sven Stoffels and the brilliant Jamey Jasta for an animated intro for the new comedy album which only released yesterday and is already #1 on iTunes. Sven did a killer job on both the animated intro AND the album artwork and, of course, anything with Jasta’s name on it is gonna get me to semi-chub.

Check it out the intro below and pick up Gomez’s new album right here.