Comics Review: Krusty the Clown #1

There are new Simpsons titles coming out as digital exclusives, and first up is our favorite clown/burger boss.

Courtesy: Bongo Comics

Spoilers Below

“The Laugh Man on Earth!”

It’s Krusty’s birthday, but nobody has called or even sent him a lousy card. In fact, the entire town appears to be abandoned. You know what that means: lootin’ time! It also means certain landmarks are now going to prompt Krusty to reminisce about how his life came to this point. There was that time he substitutes taught at Springfield Elementary and honed the art of his clowning. Then there was the contest that resulted in the launch of Krusty Burger. And finally, there was the whole saga with Krustylu Television. But was it all for naught, or is there something else going on?

As Springfield’s resident showbiz personality, Krusty is the ideal character to present this sort of behind-the-scenes story, and “The Laugh Man on Earth!” delivers on that potential. There are several fun moments, especially a Kent Brockman origin tale, that reveal Springfield’s untold history. Some of them might conflict with established canon, but as long as characterization remains consistent, we are in the clear.

“Megameal Mayhem”

This inaugural issue wraps up with a quickie. Krustyburger is launching the “Gigantic Junk Food Mega-Deal.” Mr. Krustofski tries it out himself in front of an excited crowd, leading to an exhausting mix of dehydration, hallucination, and cardiac funny business. This is a perfectly satisfying vignette; my only complaint is that it would work better in the middle of an issue instead of the end.