ThrowbackThursday : The Brak Show ‘Poppy’


You ever watch a show and, when you’re done watching an episode, say to yourself “egad, I feel dumber for having watched that.” Well, if there is one show that makes me say this, it’s The Brak Show…but in a good way!

Coming off the success that was Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Brak, the…what is he supposed to be? A baboon? A guy wearing a tribal mask? Ricardo Montalban in drag? We’ll probably never know and that’s ok because we don’t need to know. What we do know is The Brak Show is set up like an old fashioned sit-com. His mom looks a lot like Brak and his dad is a diminutive Spaniard. Zorak is his best friend and the narrator sounds strangely like a former cartoon talk show host (who used to be a superhero).

So Zorak and Brak are watching TV, and Brak marvels how the detective is so good with the senioritas. He wants to be just as smooth as the crudely drawn gumshoe, but Zorak informs him that he has no moves. Brak, ignorant to the ways of what modern kids would call “swagger” (writer’s note: I do not endorse the use of that word, in fact, anyone who uses it outside of the demonstrative descriptive, as I have just done, can die in a fire,) asks his old man what women want.

Brak’s mom is the one who tells him (because who wants to take the advice of a diminutive Spaniard? Not I, I get my advice from a giant Portuguese,) that his grandfather, Poppy used different noses to get women. Seeing as how Brak doesn’t have a nose he gives it a shot.

As we all suspected it doesn’t go Brak’s way and the episode is over. We’re left a little dumber for watching Brak scream and sing songs out of key, but hey, we got entertained for 20 minutes and that’s ten minutes more than you get if you see Guns and Roses these days.

Cartoon Network sorta made Brak a spokesman for the network back in the day. Newer audiences coming into Adult Swim probably won’t recognize, nor appreciate, his antics as much as Adult Swim veterans such as myself, who were there when Adult Swim was new. Still, the Brak show wasn’t bad and this episode had a few chuckles, but I’m not going to run out and buy a box set on DVD.

Sorry, Brak old buddy, gotta give this episode a

4.5 out of 10.