Shorts Review: Battlefield Friends “Hardcore”

This is a bittersweet moment for Battlefield Friends. This is the season finale!


It’s a sad time on Battlefield Friends. Noob is taking out enemies and friendlies alike, including his squad. The squad tries to explain to Noob that it’s hardcore, and there’s no map and friendlies are killable. A chopper shows up, but the commander takes it out before the chopper can do damage. A final group of enemies come through the elevator door, and get disintegrated for their trouble. Those kills get Noob promoted just in time for a switchblade knife in his temple.

Have you ever played a hardcore playlist in any FPS? It is the most dreadful time of your life. No one actually guns, it’ s just a bunch of people camping for kills. The sad part is that this episode is almost 100% accurate, down to the lack of bodies and massive blood splatter. This was 2:50 well spent. Have a comedy break on your Monday, and make sure this is in it. Now, it’s going to be a really long time until we see Battlefield Friends in Hardline.

You can watch the episode here!


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