“Samurai Jack” Comics Returning This Fall

This could be a tall order.

Courtesy: IDW

After about two years in remission, IDW Publishing is planning on bringing back the print adaptation of Samurai Jack. Why? Because when the show returns and single-handedly carries Adult Swim’s ass for a full fiscal quarter in the ratings, YOU TAKE NOTICE!

The new run will be known as “Quantum Jack” where in it, we’ll see Jack show up in a bunch of different universes completely devoid of anything that’s going on.

The BIG question is, after seeing a way more visceral interpretation of Samurai Jack for the show’s fifth season, will the comics take that same approach or will it feature the more “kids glove” approach of the older Cartoon Network series. The “CN” logo on the front cover, has me fearing the latter.

Samurai Jack comics should be in stores by September. Read our review of the show’s entire fifth season here.

[h/t: Nerdist]

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