Review: Sanjay and Craig ‘D.I.N.K; Dangerous Debbie’



The Patels decide to get a new car to replace their ‘Snot Rocket’. Sanjay and Craig don’t want this so they decide to smash the chip of the family’s new self-driving car. Unfortunately, this causes the car to go insane and crash into the old car, but the Snot Rocket is built like a Volvo and is able to survive. Mom decides to re-buy the old car, leaving the D.I.N.K. to return to whence it came.

Our Take

Maybe my favorite episode to air this year. Ordinarily, a lot of shows like to do jokes on smart cars, but not to this extent. Moreover, it’s very rare for kids to want to keep the shit box rides, instead favoring something new to impress their friends. D.I.N.K. was a pretty great character that I hope we see again and I already have an idea for a Tron-like deal.



Dangerous Debbie’

The Patel family is out for sushi when Craig meets and falls in love with the restaurant’s eel named ‘Debbie’. Fearing for his new love’s life, Craig smuggles Debbie home. Eventually, the sushi chef begins looking for her pet which soon leads to a new part of the house situated on top of the Patel household. Because carpentry isn’t Meg’s best asset, the house falls apart and floods which then sees the chef take back her favorite pet. Craig says goodbye, and then Sanjay owes a favor.

Our Take

Another solid episode though get ready because I think we are getting two in a row where Craig is trying to hook up with a chick. In any case, the eel was a well executed idea, even if the finish was rather expected. Also, when this show does farts it’s pretty funny because it’s really the only show that does them at this time slot.



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