Pull List Preview 2/25: Boom Studios, Bongo, and DC Comics

Boom Studios

Bee and Puppycat #7

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PuppyCat is hungry so he is going to make some pizza… or he would if Bee would stop trying to help. These two pals have to work their way around the kitchen and some unforeseen surprises before they can get some grub!

Bongo Comics

Futurama Comics #74


When Bender accidentally causes the Professor’s ‘What If’ machine to explode, the city of New New York is divided into multiple ‘What If’ scenarios. Only Bender and Fry are unaffected and must gather the parts needed to repair the machine to return things to normal. They enlist the help of a Zoidberg who is from a world where he is incredibly lucky, a Leela who never left the mutant underground and is painfully shy, and a Professor who just happens to be a kangaroo.

DC Comics

MAD Magazines #532


Join The Usual Gang of Idiots for the special 532nd issue of MAD! In celebration, we’re stuffing it full of movie and TV parodies, political commentary, Fundalini Pages, the MAD Strip Club, a classic selection from the MAD Vault, Marginal Drawings by Sergio Aragon

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