Is Seth Rogen’s “Bigfoot” still alive for FX? (It Might Be!)


Yesterday it was announced that FX has ordered a new animated TV pilot from Archer creator Adam Reed entitled Cassius & Clay. The series (if it goes to order) will be the third time that Floyd County Productions has tried to launch an animated series to be paired with their mainstay Archer on FX Networks after the cancellations of Unsupervised and Chozen. 

Everyone reported on Cassius & Clay, including us, but The Hollywood Reporter had a different note. In their piece about the animated pilot, they mention that Bigfoot, the animated series from Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen, is still in contention over at FX. This means, the pilot for that series hasn’t been passed on yet, though it’ll be two years this August since it was first announced and very little has been said about it since.

I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you guys on an announcement being made on Bigfoot anytime soon, but I hope it does get picked up because it sounds like a great concept for a series. For those that don’t remember, Bigfoot is a project that revolves around Bigfoot, a bipolar hopeless romantic that lacks the ability to properly express himself, living in both the human and animal world of Pine Falls but not quite fitting in to either one.

On top of both Cassius & Clayand Bigfoot, FX Networks announced earlier this year that they have teamed up with Sean Combs for a potential new animated series called Brightmoor. So, FX Networks is definitely hellbent on finding a good cartoon-mate for Archer which kicks off its seventh season presumably next January on FX.

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