Almost a year ago we wrote about a new animated series that Rough House Productions was putting together post Good Vibes featuring Danny McBride playing a recently released ex-con being produced by Archer studio Floyd County Prods. Now, according to Deadline.com, FX put to pilot ANOTHER new animated series with exec producer Danny McBride, called Chozen about a rapper that was also released from prison. Confused?? Yea, us too. Let’s see if we can figure this out together after the jump.

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I love Danny McBride and I love the guys over at Rough House. About a year ago, they had wrapped up an animated series on MTV called Good Vibes featuring Danny McBride playing one of the characters and the show was pretty damned funny so much so that it even spawned a Facebook page to ask for it to come back. I love FX, but besides Archer, the only animated series the network had on it was Unsupervisedof which I thought was also a very good show, but despite the fact that Floyd Prods helped produce it the show’s ratings weren’t there and is now subsequently cancelled.

So with all of this in mind, FX needs some more cartoons and Rough House Prods has some great talent working there like David Gordon Green(Your Highness) and one Grant Dekernion of whom is the creator of a new show called Chozen that has recently been green lit by FX and will be produced by Floyd County prods. The show is actually going to star Grant and be exec produced by McBride and according to Deadline is”about a rapper who comes out of the joint with a new message and new skills—which he will use in his quest for redemption and domination.”

As interesting as this show sounds, it almost sounds a bit too similar about another animated series that is being developed by FX that was created by Rough House, produced by Floyd, being co-written by Dekernion, but this one being voiced by Danny McBride as the lead character. The series is still untitled and it was also co-created by Matt Maiellaro (Aqua Teen)  of whom told us exclusively that he dropped off of the project.  The premise for the series involved McBride’s character just coming out of prison.

So, lets review. We’ve got TWO animated series being put together by Rough House Prods  for FX, that are being written by Grant Dekernion and have Danny McBride’s name attached to both. Both shows have leading characters of whom just got out of prison presumably in an attempt to rejoin society as a contributing member.  Now, I’m not saying cartoons are traditionally innocent in the originality department (ahem, Animation Domination), but it will be curious to see which show comes out better ,and if they do come out at the same time, if the plots will be varied enough to keep people tuned in.  No word yet as to when either of these shows will air but from the sounds of it Chozen is closer than the untitled effort.

Which show do YOU wanna see more??

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