10 Adult Animation Shows You Forgot Existed

Since early ground-breaking shows like The Flinstones and The Simpsons began capturing adult audiences, there have been hundreds of animation series’ aiming for the broader audience. It seems like every year there is a slew of new adult cartoons released, each more obscene than the last. For every show that has reached a level of success, there are ten behind it that have floundered, or simply vanished.

There are a few short-lived series’ like The Maxx or Clone High that have managed a cult following, and will always be remembered by a dedicated few. However, there is an extensive collection of shows that failed to get more than a dozen episodes released before that proverbial plug was pulled. Let’s have a look back at ten of these shows that have been pushed out of your memory, or you had no idea existed in the first place.


Christmas 2017: Here Are Eight Gift Ideas For That “Rick and Morty” Fan In Your Life

Whether you are planning a Christmas adventure inside a homeless Santa named Ruben, or a traditional ‘human holiday,’ it is time to get your shopping done. You don’t want to be the outcast that hand knits sweaters, and makes everyone feel bad because you put so much thought and effort into your gifts. This is the time of year to get presents that your friends and family didn’t even know they wanted.

For the Rick and Morty fan on your list, it is time to deck them out with the latest in merchandise. No matter if they are an avid fan and collector, or just can’t resist the idiosyncratic humor like the rest of us, there is sure to be something on this list that will make them scream “wubba lubba dub-dub!” Let’s get schwifty, and check out the latest and hottest in Rick and Morty merch.


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