More details about FOXADHD’s ”Stone Quackers”


That’s the deal with us. Even if we don’t know something, we write about it anyway, and then we get awesome (and usually anonymous) tips and comments from our readers. That is precisely what happened yesterday when we reported that FOX will be premiering a brand-new animated series called Stone Quackers on FOX ADHD for April 5th after an all-new Axe Cop. 

Turns out, Stone Quackers is a brand-new series being developed by long-time FOX ADHD director Ben Jones whom has worked on just about every ADHD show including the likes of Lucas Bros., High School USA!, and Axe Cop. Ben is also the guy who makes all of those awesome gifs on the FOX ADHD sites such as Facebook and their official home page.

At this time, we actually know nothing about the series in terms of plot or characters, however we have heard rumors that Ben Jones will be doing a two-hour Reddit AMA on April 4th starting at 2 pm EST. This should help us learn everything we need to know about Stone Quackers before the premier…but who knows he may not answer one question with the rate these guys are going!

Keep checking back as we learn more.

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  • ben

    i heard sean glaze was found boarding on the show

  • ben

    stone queackers is on this sunday on fxx at midnight

  • ben2

    I heard ben was found boarding part of it, but mostly John Pham designed most of the ducks. Not to say Chris didn’t design most of them.