Comedy Central’s ‘Trip Tank’ gets start date and time! **UPDATE**



[Source: ShadowMachine]

On December 3rd @ 10:30pm EST right after Tosh.O is a brand-new series from the guys that used to produce Robot Chicken. The name of the series is Trip Tank and as you”ll notice from Episode 1 it is somewhat similar to Liquid Television in that it’s a half-hour of animated shorts featuring some of the top names in the business in terms of voicing (e.g. Paul Rudd, Zach Galifianakis, and Larry David), writing (Adam McKay, Jon Glaser), and producing (ShadowMachine Films).

Originally thought to be premiering next year on Comedy Central, the network was awesome enough to give us an animated Christmas present. Better yet, if you kids are keeping track at home, Rick and Morty starts on Adult Swim December 2nd @ 10:30pm EST on Adult Swim and now Trip Tank is on the 3rd so get ready for a BUNCH of awesome premiers the first week of December!

Check back in for reviews and previews as we get them.

UPDATE: Upon talking to Comedy Central reps, I have learned that Episode 1 airing is a sneak peek episode and that the actual season premier will be in Spring 2014

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