Youtube Red is coming but will Google get Green from Me?

You know what’s grand about the fact that Youtube Red is on the way? Google has decided to charge iOS users ($12.99) more than everyone else ($9.99). Subscribers for both would get an ad-free Youtube experience starting October 28th and producers like Fine Brothers Entertainment (Emo Dad) would be bringing in a bunch of new content to make sure the up-tick is worth it.

Right now, I don’t see the value. If you look at the upcoming Youtube Red lineup, there’s really nothing that looks all that appealing to me at the moment to warrant spending the extra cash. It will be interesting to see if Youtube Red would feature original content that would be feature-length or if they would team up with companies in a similar manner as Netflix and Marvel do.

Do you guys have any interest in shelling out a $10 spot for Youtube content? Sound off below.

John Schwarz

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