We Rank Adult Animation’s Ten Funniest Depictions of Jesus H. Christ

Fox’s Sunday night Animation Domination is seeing a resurgence. The Great North and Duncanville are both expected to be released midseason. And, during the premiere of this fall’s line-up, we received our first Fox original adult animated sitcom since 2016’s Bordertown. Bless the Harts follows an underprivileged family making their way through life in North Carolina. The series has an impressive line-up of comedians including Kristen Wiig, Jillian Bell, and Maya Rudolph. The stand out performance, however, belongs to Kumail Nanjiani with his portrayal of Jesus Christ, a figurative representation of the main character’s moral conscience.

The more grounded Jesus depicted in Bless the Harts is a unique take on a character that can be risky to personify. Original takes on the messiah are nothing new, almost all adult sitcoms will touch their views of Christianity at some point. Though, this is the first time that Jesus Christ has been one of the main cast members of a prime time series. That is not to say that he has failed to make an appearance in many of our favourite cartoons. Aside from Santa Claus, Jesus Christ may be one of the most commonly exhibited characters of all time.

We have put together a list of ten times Jesus has appeared in an adult animated sitcom. Though he has been depicted many more times, this list is strictly limited to Christ representing himself. Honourable mentions can go out to Futurama when Zoidberg played the Savior, or Boondocks when Black Jesus appeared in many paintings. Below we have ten sitcoms that allowed the messiah to be his own character.

10. Robot Chicken


Jesus has made many appearances on Robot Chicken throughout the years. At one point he was put on a crusade equal to Jason and the Argonauts only to have his army of men killed while being resurrected over and over. Another depiction showcased Jesus mascotting his own breakfast cereal Holy O’s. In a series that covers as many icons as Robot Chicken does, it would be astounding if Jesus didn’t appear. In fact, to date, he has appeared in thirteen unique segments.