Watch The New FLCL Progressive Trailer!

Guess that’s what they call adolescence.

Toonami finished its refresher course run of the first FLCL series last night, and attached to the end of “FLClimax” was a much more in-depth look at the upcoming new season, FLCL: Progressive.

Taking place a number of years after Naota kissed Haruko on top of a giant iron and she flew off to chase a giant glowing bird (it makes sense in context…I think), this season focuses on a girl named Hidomi, who’s on levels of teen angst and apathy only rivaled by Naota. Her inner narration seems to indicate she’s depressed, or at least very pessimistic about her life, and might be getting some lectures about from parents or school counselors. Though what happens to finally crack her façade is the arrival of Haruko Haruhara, as well as the more distracting symptom of having giant robots plop out of one’s head. It also looks like Hidomi won’t be the only one going through this, as glasses wearing fellow youth will be along for the ride as well. On top of that, another guitar-wielding oddity touches down, who very well might be a fellow Space Patrol Officer like Haruko, and another humanoid robot who looks a touch more supped up than Canti, who may have control of an old looking car similar to Haruko’s Vespa. All this, plus one last bombshell: brief shots of a red glowing Haruko, likely confirming she’s taken control of the power of Atomsk.

What does it all mean? Hell, this is FLCL we’re talking about, so does any of it mean ANYTHING?

We’ll find out in two weeks once the new season starts on June 2nd, but check out the new trailer yourselves in the meantime! And stay tuned for future FLCL news as we await this and FLCL Alternative, coming in September!

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