Watch: Iggy Pop Wants You To “Run Like A Villain” For His New Animated Music Video

Better watched on mute.

Punk rock music in the mid to late eighties here in the United States was somewhat struggling. The Ramones were a mess and someone was looking for artists like Iggy Pop to fill a void that would never come to fruition but would feature a lot of the same musical elements that you would see start to kick off the nineties with acts like Nirvana and the Pixies both clearly showcasing that “I Don’t Give a Fuck” attitude.

Fast forward to today, Iggy Pop, 72 years old, has managed to survive that and is actually re-issuing his 1982 album Zombie Birdhouse. The track “Run Like A Villain” has been re-released with a corresponding animated music video that looks like it comes straight from the Esther Friedman-produced album cover that was produced nearly forty years ago. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the album much on a sound level, with Zombie Birdhouse not particularly being one of Iggy’s better-written albums, but it makes for an entertaining music video nonetheless.


John Schwarz

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