Watch: Black Sands Entertainment Gets Investment From Mark Cuban And Kevin Hart On “Shark Tank”


Indie comic book publisher Black Sands Entertainment decided to spice things up during pitch season by averting the crowded route of everyone and their brother pitching new IP’s to networks and streamers hoping to get a pickup, and instead headed to ABC’s Shark Tank in an effort to do similar. On Shark Tank, guest judge Kevin Hart joins and teams up with Mark Cuban in investing in the upstart animation company that, at first, nearly saw Teunis de Raat, and Manuel & Geiszel Godoy walk out with no deal, the always wise Barbara Corcoran piped up and helped the young company make the wise decision.

Black Sands Entertainment claims to have over 150,000 copies sold of their Black Sands franchise and have attempted to gain entry into the animation industry in the past, but they clearly have made the much wiser decision to plug into Kevin Hart’s company so that these franchises can be taken to the next level. We’ll see what can come from this fruitful collaboration, hopefully soon. While Kevin Hart has had lots of success being a voice actor for big-time animated films, we haven’t seen an original series or movie from the legendary stand-up really break out. Hart has had flirts with FOX that seemingly went nowhere, this could be the IP he is looking for to really extend the brand of his name.


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