WarnerMedia: New Details Released For Streaming Service


What’s going on here?

WarnerMedia has begun the process of releasing a number of details concerning the new streaming service slated to release Q1/2020. According to a new interview with Business Insider that featured Kevin Reilly, brands like HBO, Warner Bros., TBS, TNT, DC Entertainment, The CW, New Line, CNN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, TruTV, Turner Classic Movies, Criterion Collection and more will join premium content offerings as part of the WarnerMedia lineup. The article is short, but we’ve overanalyzed it to the nth degree because we’re getting an idea of how this is going to look.

Our Take

VRV. That’s the model of the tiered streaming services that we think will be the nexus that is the WarnerMedia streaming service. I see DC Universe, VRV, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, joining the aforementioned brands as part of one service that will allow you to pick which networks you want to see as part of your lineup with a pricing model that would reflect how heavy you want your service. We’re already starting to see signs of the DC Universe going in a different direction with it’s recent announcement of wanting to shorten the run of Swamp Thing, and it’s likely that the other independent services could see a similar fate.


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