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Surrender to us.



“One Flew Over My Dead Body”
Karen and Davis discover a mannequin dumped in the woods and try to solve the crime; at Corner Gas, Brent surprises Wanda with a scanner; in The Ruby, Lacey, Oscar, Hank, and Emma get drawn into an unusual bet about hand sanitizer.

“Hedge Your Debts”

Emma sees high art in Hank’s hedge-trimming and sells his services around town; prompted by Oscar, Brent tries to collect on the IOUs piling up at Corner Gas, resorting to unorthodox means; Davis and Karen set up the cop shop in The Ruby.


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American Dad “Mom Sauce”

Premieres Tonight @ 10 pm ET/PT on TBS, check your local listings

Steve’s life is turned upside down when Snot gets rich after his mom starts selling a new dipping sauce; Klaus, Stan, Roger and Jeff become mall fashion show models.


Courtesy: Adult Swim

Final Space “The Grand Surrender”

Premieres Tonight @ 1130 pm ET/PT on Adult Swim, check your local listings

The search for a dimensional key leads the Crimson Light to Ash’s home planet; HUE hosts a bachelor party for an unexpected visitor.

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