Ubermansion gets air date on Adult Swim

Seth Green and Bryan Cranston’s new series gets a start date on @AdultSwim!


We’ve been talking about the Adult Swim pilots program for a little while now and it looks as though a winner has been declared! That’s right, Ubermansion, the animated collaboration between Seth Green and Bryan Cranston, will air on Adult Swim August 25th @ 12:30 right after all new episodes of Aqua TV Show Show and Squidbillies. 

For those not in the know Ubermansion gives us a a glimpse into the mundane humanity of six superheroes all living in the same mansion. Think of it as The Avengers crossed with Real World and you’ve got a good idea as what to expect.

Just in case if you don’t feel like staying up late Sunday Night, you can still watch the pilot episode of Ubermansion here and check out our review here.

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