Trailer Breakdown for Final Space: Plus, What Networks Were in the Mix for the Series?

Following the teaser for TBS’s newest pickup, Final Space, we wanted more info about the series. As a result, we took a magnifying glass to both the TBS teaser AND the pilot presentation so as to uncover some secrets about the 2018 series.

Final Space is an upcoming animated series coming to TBS coming from Olan Rogers, Conaco, and New Form of whom are teaming up with Studio T and David Sacks as the showrunner. The series was part of a rather intense bidding war before settling on TBS, as other networks like FX, Fullscreen, Youtube Red, Comedy Central, and FOX were all in with FX and TBS being the final two. That said, Conan O’Brien came on the project first BEFORE the network pickup so I’m sure Olan and the gang were already all warm and fuzzy with TBS notables which I’m helped to put the network on the inside track.

One of the things that I found pretty cool about the trailer and pilot presentation, is that Final Space encompasses more than just space humor. There are some rather dramatic elements and they are presented in a serialized format, so those thinking you’re gonna get a Rick and Morty clone are gonna be disappointed. In the pilot there were some dead crew members and a big hole in the side of Gary’s ship, so you know SOMETHING went down.

Meet Gary and his pal Mooncake. The eight minute pilot for Final Space showcases a number of character, both good and bad, but will ALL of them be part of the TBS series or could there be cuts or additions made? We’ll have to wait until closer to the series premiere to find out.

Both the teaser and the pilot presentation for Final Space seems to indicate that Gary is the focal point of the series and he had a full team at the get-go until something horribly goes wrong. As a result, Gary and Moon show up to take revenge but are on the wrong planet entirely which showcases a balancing act of comedy with that of the dramatic qualities of say war.

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