Today In Viral: WWE X “South Park ; “Family Guy” Continues To Keep People Talking

Oh, Kanye.

No matter what you think of Family Guy’s 16th season so far, this series is slowly going back to being watercooler conversation in terms of the viral hits coming out of it. Whether it’s last week’s commentary on Kevin Spacey’s sexual orientation, Brian leaving the house for a couple of episodes, or juuuuust getting in the last time we’re gonna see Louis C.K. for a while in a guest appearance to kick off the Fall season, Family Guy is gettin’ people talkin’.

Slowly but surely, this clip is starting to pop off because it’s a direct hit on Kanye West and the stupid shit he says on stage or in the press.

Family Guy will return with new episodes on January 7th only on FOX.





World Wrestling Entertainment has struggled all year to provide any substantial growth to its WWE Network service, and the lousy second season of Storytime WWE didn’t help matters. But, the company says that they plan to expand on original content on other linear and digital offerings next year, so hopefully we can get more stuff like this. In this video, WWE has rounded up its Superstars in the style of South Park to sing us a merry melody.


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